By region, the Valais can provide annually up to 2000 hours of sunshine , ie higher than the most southern part of Switzerland .

How is this possible ? Because the Bernese and Valais Alps protect the Rhone Valley and its side valleys by interfering with wet masses flowing from north to south . The mountains form a barrier and clouds pouring rain before the barrier. Only a hot and dry wind can pass : foehn, which gives the Valais a Mediterranean climate.

Snow guaranteed by high altitude ! Valais , most winter sports resorts are located more than 1,500 meters.

Nine of them ( Arolla , Blatten / Belalp , Crans -Montana, Laucheralp / Lötschental , Saas -Fee , Saas Grund, Val d’ Anniviers and Zermatt Valleys 4 ) provide access to the ski areas located more than 3,000 meters or 3,900 meters to Zermatt. Snowy , sometimes eternal snow glacier slopes and delight all lovers of snow.

REGION Martigny

The small town of Martigny located on the Rhone elbow in the Lower Valais is at the crossroads leading to neck Simplon , Great St. Bernard and Forclaz . It impresses with its historical heritage and culture as well as its southern charm and renowned gastronomy .

Located in the heart of vineyards and orchards , Martigny is famous for its gastronomy honored in many excellent restaurants and inns. Under the hot sun Valais , strawberries, apricots, grapes, asparagus. thrive in the region. Already in the past, such figures as Rousseau , Goethe, Stendhal and Liszt are seduced by the culinary delights of the region. Martigny’s history stretches back two thousand years: Celtic tribes , Romans and Napoleon’s troops have left behind traces . Can be admired in Martigny today a restored amphitheater, baths , temples and Roman residential areas . Later Martigny became the first bishop in Switzerland and nowadays is admired for the historical districts of La Bâtiaz and Vieux Bourg and many historic buildings, sacred and profane . Gianadda Foundation became the center of the most important cultural attraction in Martigny and in addition to the Gallo-Roman Museum and the Museum of the Automobile , two prestigious exhibitions per year , dedicated to world-famous artists . The building was built around the remains of a Gallo- Roman temple. The ” Mont Blanc Express” takes a bold course on narrow-gauge tracks Martigny the French resort of Chamonix in an hour and a half. St. Bernard Express, meanwhile, takes you from Martigny to Orsières where you take the bus to the Hospice du Grand- Saint- Bernard in an impressive mountain landscape. The location of Martigny also allows quick access to the surrounding ski areas . 4 valleys, Portes du Soleil or Ovronnaz

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